Sunday, December 28, 2014

Decisions, decisions...

I've been wanting a pedestal table to cut down into a coffee table for awhile now.  Similar to these: 
Or this one: 
Or this: 

I found one on craigslsist earlier this month...already cut down. It was painted a color I didn't like but that's an easy fix. Logistically, it didn't work out and someone else ended up with my table. 

This weekend Jonathan and I went after a Beauty!  Price was right but it's really pretty and solid and antique and I'm having a hard time pulling the trigger on cutting the pedestal. :/

Here it is in pieces:
Look at that solid base! And those feet! I might be dying!,

And those are the leaves (2!) leaning up behind the couch. 

Here's the top: 
Imagine it not on the floor and a cushion not hanging off the couch....

It's really pretty wood...solid wood. The top is about 2" thick!

I have no space for it as dining room height table but I'm seriously struggling at the thought of making major changes to this piece. 

And look what I found on the bottom of the table top: 
It says "All my love, Mike"

To shorten or not to shorten...that is the question. What would you do?!?

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Christmas Church Bazaar

Fortuna Methodist Church had their Craft Bazaar a couple weeks ago. I set up my stuff at home....just to make sure it went ok. 
Gift tags and Christmas cards... all piled into an old suitcase and some cheese boxes. 

And I gold leafed some pine ones into a garland. It didn't sell but I'm excited to decorate with it then year. 

I thought I had some pics from the Church but I must have deleted them.... Dang! 
Anyway, what have you made lately?

EDITED to add pictures from the Church...I didn't delete the, after all. :)

You can see the garland at the bottom. 
The little jars, to the right, are from my fav jalapeƱo peppers. :) I added Epsom salt, tea lights, some twine and jingle bells. They didn't sell either but I have a plan for here! :)

Here's some closer pics of the stuff in the suitcase and boxes:

There you go!