Wednesday, February 23, 2011

They Send You Off To College, Try To Gain A Little Knowledge-- All You Want To Do Is....

Anybody know the Jimmy Buffett lyrics that follow?

Well, it doesn't really matter because this really isn't about Jimmy (sorry old friend).

Where am I going with this?
Oh right, sorry. Focus Laura!


Well, I want off to college (several years ago... but whatever!) bought books, read a few of them, graduated, still had books... don't really read most of them anymore. So, what do you do with that book case full of big fat text books about Occupational Therapy for Children?? (I guess I should tell you that I would rather scoop hog poop than be the therapist for small children. I like children. I happen to love my sweet niece very much and can't wait for her sibling to arrive. I happen to think that somehow, JJ and I will be awesome parents, God will help us. But I like adult patients. That's it.)


So, while touring homes for dressed up for Christmas, I saw some really cool books (where was my camera??). They were covered with scrapbook paper, similar to how the St. Andrews kids used to have to cover their text books in grade school. And it got me thinking...

I have always wanted a taller lamp at my entry way...but I like the bones of my old just needs to be taller...

So, down to the bookcase I go and find these beauties!

I had this coordinating vintage-inspired print paper from another project I thought up a few years ago and never accomplished.

I busted out the Mod Podge and got to work!Photobucket

I used a sponge paint brush to apply a coating of Mod Podge to the front of the book.
Those brown scrapers from Pampered Chef came in pretty handy to push out air bubbles.
Then, it was really a lot like wrapping a present...smooth out the paper, make sure all the edges are covered and rounded off and looking nice.

I cut the paper a little close but I think it is ok. I am not sure anal and if it gets to bugging me, I think I will just ink the edge to hide that blinding yellow.

I used these to boost my lamp by the front door so the mirror looks like it belongs rather than floating above everything else. :)
That waif-y looking stuff sticking out of the top book is waxed paper...waiting for the glue to dry. I guess I just couldn't wait any longer! :)
(Disclaimer: I took these photos awhile ago...I don't really still have out a pretty bowl full of old Christmas bulbs. Promise.)

Monday, February 14, 2011

Wrapped with Love

I made this little envelope type thing for JJ for his Valentine. I tucked 2 snack sized Snickers inside; his favorite (next to ice cream but that would be messy!)!


I thought we would keep Valentine's Day pretty low scale this year. We generally get whatever we want/need as it arises. Plus, we were both shamelessly spoiled at Christmas this year by each other as well as our family and friends. We are truly blessed!

Here's a close up of the tie. I just wrapped lace around the container and slid three hearts, cut with an old Sizzix die, on the lace.

I am super pleased with how this turned out! Good thing too because I have 70 more to make for favors at my Sister's bridal shower. I have 64 of them cut already now just to score, assemble and figure out how to decorate them! I really liked the wide lace but I don't think I have anymore (go figure) but let us remember, I am a ribbon hoarder. I am looking forward to peeling through a bunch of my stash!!

What would you do to decorate them? I thought flowers, both paper and Primatype, or just tying with wide ribbon (satin maybe) or lace. I don't know, what do you think?

Sunday, February 13, 2011

CardMaker "Beat the Blues" Crop

Here are projects I completed for CardMaker Magazine's "Beat the Blues Crop". I had a blast completing these projects! Special thanks for CardMaker and Lora for a great event!!

Sketch Challenge called Follow My Lead:

Use song lyrics challenge called Song of Joy:
*This is the song JJ and I danced to our our wedding day. Can I get an "ahhh"!?

Use a specified recipe challenge called A Master Plan:
*I really like this card. I have to admit, it's not my usual color scheme but I really like it!

**The crop is still going on! Check it out!! I have some more projects done but that shall be another post!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Pamper Yourself!!!

Edited to include: Sugar scrub is an exfoliant for your skin.

I am hosting a challenge at CardMaker CardSwap message board called Pamper Yourself (go check it out!)

I fancied up a ketchup bottle to hold my beloved homemade sugar scrub! (Don't worry, it's not a secret recipe...keep reading.)

Here's the ketchup bottle all filled up with delish but looking awfully ugly:

I ripped off the lose flakes of wrapper (from washing it out) and covered it with paper.

I added some tinsel from Sister and a snowflake cut with my Cricut. Of course, Stickles was a must!!

SUGAR SCRUB RECIPE (gleaned from the internet many moons ago)
1 cup of sugar
1/2 cup oil (I have heard that you can use any oil including vegetable but I don't want to smell like a french fry so I use Grape Seed Oil...not too expensive, check out HyVee)
Essential oils (begin with a few drops, you can always ad)

A little bit on oils: I am so not an oils snob. I have used fancy stuff from a scent shop and I have also used the oils Yankee Candle sells; for this, I don't thin I can tell a bit of difference. The expensive oils take less but they cost significantly more so... I say, go with what you like to smell!