Friday, September 16, 2011


So I hear lots of giggling coming from our living room and I go to investigate...

I see my Stevie, looking skyward. The giggles are coming from him!!!

And this is why! He had been dusting the mantle and decided it would be fun to throw his rag up into the fan. was funny!
Of course we turned the fan on to see what would happen. It threw the rag off onto the catwalk for the upstairs hallway! Who knew it would go that far!?!

What's been in your fan lately?

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Favorite edit

{I just wanted to say 'raido edit'}

But I did forget a part of my kitchen...

See my first favorite post here and the second one here.

...I have two ovens!!!


I used my oven at my old house mostly to store pans and to make cheesy bread. I am actually looking forward to learning how to use my oven well enough that I will need two!

What's your favorite oven recipe? Trust me, I need all the help I can get!!

I do have some wonderful friends, don't I!!

Happy mail!!

Look what I found in my mailbox this past week!!

House warming cards from my sweet friends over at CardMaker Magazine's CardSwap Board.

Made just for us by my friend Golda.

Made just for us by my friend Elaine.

Made just for us by my friend Shawn.

Made just for us by my friend Rhonda.

Made just for us by my good, good friend Lora.

Made just for us by my friend Margaret.

We are so, so blessed! Thank you, all of you!!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

More of my Favorite Things

...about our new house. These pictures were also taken on closing day when I was here for cleaning without any real stuff.

If you missed my last post, go here to see my first edition of Favorite Things. (I feel like Oprah except not liberal. :) )

Here's our fireplace, mantle and hearth.
I love that it looks like it was salvaged from an old, it's just shaped like a Church. I love it! Shaped like or salvaged from, I don't care.
I don't really love that hunter green tile around the fire box. It looks ok in the picture, trust's not ok in person!

Look at this little globe I got at an estate auction for $6 (and a bunch of other junk that I left there).
I know it looks lonely up there but it happened to be in my car and Stevie thought it looked good up there. :)

And look at this pretty, pretty girl! Photobucket
That's up and to the right of the fireplace. The balcony is off our extra bedroom. I'm sure our {someday} children will try to jump off there so I am going to enjoy the doors until I have to baracade them to keep the little stinks safe!

Here's the view from the balcony.

One last part about the living room. I didn't discover this light until we had lived here for just about a week. I am in love!!
PhotobucketI love that it shines right over the door. I love that it gives us a bit of extra privacy from the front by shining at the door. Moreover, it's my favorite light to leave on when we aren't home...just so sweet to come home to. Well, I guess...I come through the garage but if I did use the front door, I would think it was sweet.

It's hard to take pictures at night, of lights and not be all weird...but I wanted to toss in this last one so you could see the green tiles prevail!!! Ahhhhh!

In do time! I have a couple of projects for this winter but for the most part, we will be doing some major landscaping and Jj has a few places on our wooden siding to fix.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

A few of my Favorite Things!

About our new house of course!!

I took these pictures the day we closed while I was here there is basically nothing here except what I brought in my mini-SUV and what my parents brought in the trunk of my Mom's Caddy... Prepare yourself. Just kidding. :)

First off! Check out my kitchen window!
Not really the ugly valance or the outdated back splash... but the window! There is all this space between my sink and the window...stuff, plants, herbs (wait, I'm not much of a cook). You can sort of see through the window that it looks out over our backyard...and I love it!!

Then, I have this cute little nook.
In the foreground, you see the bar/counter in the kitchen. To the right are the french doors that go to my sun porch (more on that another day).
Much better without those dang curtains!

Here's the view of the back of our house through the trees.
I was walking back from Jj's shed for his tractor and decided that I like this view... a lot!!

I'm going to show you some of my favorite things about our upstairs/main level living room next. It is a post ALL to itself!!

I'd love to hear about your favorite place at your home!