Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Come here, sit down. Let me fill you in!!!

Ok. You are not going to believe this!!! In May, we decided it was time to put our Columbia House on the market. You read all about it! Well it sold crazy, crazy fast. We closed on June 17, 2011. Less than 30 days after I (yes me, we sold it ourselves, no Realtor helped me at all, one stinking bit, it was all me)!!

So... we moved to a rental... no pictures. You wouldn't even believe it!! I think I will just forget now. Because our offer was accepted today for our New Home!!!
Yep, you heard me correct. Pending inspections, we purchased a new (to us) home! Holy cow!!! I can't wait to show all of it too you!

Taken from my iPhone. When we went back for a second peek, the people were home so.... yeah. Anyway, when I was looking on the internet, the house had me at the front porch!
I mean just look at the banister, the hanging pots, our Nation's Pride hanging in the breeze!

Hello, Home, it's me Laura Jones!

And that cute dormer. Eeekkk! I could just spend the night tonight!
I also loved that the garage door had a slight arch at the top...a little hard to see in this picture but... it was my phone afterall.

I should also tell you that the house had me at the mantle, the balcony and then again with the property! I can't wait to show you all about it!

What about your home had you at hello? Or how have you made it have you at hello?

Monday, July 11, 2011

Old Cards...Revealed!

I seem to do this more often than not; I have a blast at an online crop, making tons of cards...and I forget to share them on here. Shame on me!!

These cards were made back in May for CardMaker's CardSwap online crop. Remember, I participated in the Somewhere Over the Rainbow Blog Hop?

Anywho! Here are the cards I made:




I was messing with some of my camera settings and didn't realize that frog one was so, so bad until I had already packaged up the card to be sent...oops...bad! With the palm tree card, I had it focused on the rope part which way, way threw off the rest. Sorry for the blur.

Thanks for stopping by to see us!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Would you get a load of THIS!?!

I took this picture myself. I promise it has not been photo-shopped or otherwise had the content edited!


Get a closer look why don't you?


Yep, that's a compact car with a trunk FULL of scrap metal. I tried to get a closer picture but all I had was my iphone and I was driving. Eek!

Anyway, it made me laugh and I thought I'd share that with you. I guess as long as you are recycling, your methods are acceptable??