Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy THANKSgiving

Let us not forget to thank our Lord for the good and the not so good of our year. It's my prayer that I have learned from my mistakes; may you as well.
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(Photo from Photobucket.)
Have a wonderful day with loved ones and here's to insane shopping tomorrow!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Gift Card Holder

How can you take something boring like this:Photobucket
And come up with this?Photobucket
Well, I learned from the TP Queen herself, Terrie. I am always amazed at her creations. I thought I would try my hand. Terrie, you are right: It's easy and I must add Stinking Cute!! I used distress ink on the edges and pretty much all over! Love that stuff!!! The gorg. tinsel came from my silly sister. Here is one of Terries creations; click here.

The card just tucks into the end like so:Photobucket

I entered in the following challenges:
Card maker: Make a card with red, green, white. Use a punch and a stamp.
Catch the Bug: Anything but a card. You can only win the big pot if you use a Bugaboo stamp but since I am on my new computer... and haven't transfered everything from my old one...this is the best I can do.
Crafty Makers: Spotlight on Containers and Fancy Envelopes
A Spoon Full of Sugar: Anything goes

Happy Happy Birthday Baby

Anyone remember that song? I love the opening lines of this song! (Don't listen too close... he's singing to a lost love but I do love that opening part.) Oh sing it Ronnie!!

Today is my sweet, ornery, handsome, stubborn, incredibly cute (I may be biased, I doubt it), thoughtful, funny husband's birthday.

I love you bunches Monster and Happy Happy Birthday!

How can I not just laugh at this goofy guy!?!

Not a dive, a back flip!?!
A big hit with my girls on our wedding day.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Other Card Group Card

Here's the other card I made in fall card group.
I love that we made a pumpkin with depth from ovals. Who knew?? Great idea Lora!! And I even have that punch. Woohoo!!

Card Group

Here's the card from our fall card group. I have a secret obsession with Lovely As A Tree set! Oh my, I do love it so!
Here, we did the stamp off technique to get the different shades of trees.

Leslie and I found a treasure last weekend on our vacation that appears to be Lovely as a Tree's vintage twin sister. As soon as I get my picture software loaded on my new computer, I will show you. Be excited, be very excited!!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Stinking Cute Gift Card Holder

Seems like everyone's Christmas list this year contains gift cards. I guess that's ok. They are certainly easy enough to locate... and you get to choose from all the cute styles. But, I really like to wrap presents. I like the way they look under our tree; I like to see the look on the recipient's face as they discover their gift hiding inside.

Where am I going with this?

Well, I wanted to find a cool/cute/neat/creative way to give our gift cards besides just sticking them inside a regular card. So, short of wrapping up big boxes that contain only a tiny gift card... I made these! And I was spurred into action by a swap (now closed) on CardMaker.

Somewhere on the internet, I saw this idea... I think it was a little different but I lost the paper so I really don't know, nor can I give credit. (If this is your idea, thank you and let me know so I can give you all the credit.)

So anyway, I busted out my Deck the Halls paper and my new Top Note die and got to work!

This is where I started. Cute. But not Stinking Cute! Although, those tiny pearls are nearly Stinking Cute all by their sweet little selves!

So, I added this sentiment. Of course the "Naughty deserve something nice". After all, there are different levels of naughty. We are only talking about the ornery people, here. Not the really bad ones... they still get coal!

I used all the snazzy twill tape I had so I busted out this crochet lace that I got in the fabric section at Wal-Mart. I big-fat-squishy {heart} it! Anyway, after I got this one complete, I just thought it eeked my Mom. Looks like it walked right out of a Flapper Party circa 1922. Not that my Mom looks like she was around in 1922 but we both love that era! (We aren't suppose to get Mom Christmas presents; we are suppose to spend it at the beach instead. But, I may just have to get her a gift card so she can have this holder!)

This last one is just to show you that it opens/closes with a brad at the top. Easy peasy and stinkin cute!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Ok, it's going to be ok!

I got a new laptop!! Yep, the mother board died in my old one and, according to my tech savvy friends, it's not worth fixing.... gasp!

Anyway, I went out to get another one last Saturday.... and I paid cash. Well, not folding money but I used my debit card not a credit card! Let me tell you, that was a hunk of change and felt pretty good to just peel off the ol' Franklins or dropping some Bens or whatever the gangsters call it. I haven't read Dave Ramsey (but I'd like to get them on tape for the long drives I make these days) but I understand the premise. Nope, I'm not debt free but I am trying not to be a complete idiot with my finances.

**Off Soap Box!**

Anyway, I have a darling little baby Toshiba. So stinking cute! This isn't my actual computer but it's what she looks like... yes, we girls stick together!!

Ok, well, it doesn't look so little and cute here but, just take my word!!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Christmas Gift Tags

I made about 22 or so of these for Grandma's Bazaar. (I cut out some mega cool ones with my Cricut too but I was so excited to give them to her that I forgot to take a picture--- I know right! Who does that?!)

Anyway, this was super east!!
I do love that ornament punch! The swirly ornament stamp (that you see in red in the middle and to the left is from Tags Til Christmas, a new SU set. The other stamp (with less swirls and such) is from the Delightful Decorations set. I am just smugly in love with both of those sets! I think it's the ornament punch that I am truly smitten with!

Oh and, I entered these into the CardMaker challenge called, Bling for You. It's super hard to tell from the picture but there are tiny half pearls at the center of each tag...Stinking cute if you ask me!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Sugar Crash Blog Hop Candy Winner said commenter #9 is the winner! Congratulations Thea! You have one week from today to contact me with your address! Thea said "Great, simple idea. Thanks!"

Thank you to everyone who stopped by my blog this weekend. I hope to see you back again.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Sugar Crash Blog Hop-- Yeah!!

*Give away closed.* (See post dated 11/8/2010 for winner.)

WELCOME!!!! You are on the CardSwaps Sugar Crash Blog Hop! You should have arrived here from Chi Chi Memories and Natalie. If you did not, take a look around here and then head to the first stop... You don't want to miss any of this greatness!! (BTW, there are 17! stops and you won't want to miss a one! There are many prizes to be had and the only way to cash in is by leaving a comment on the posts. Plus, it's just nice to leave a little love don't you think?

Before I get to my project, I would like to invite you over to CardMaker Magazine's Card Swaps! We have a Sugar Crash Crop going on! You must come over and there are more prizes. (Don't head out quite yet, I have something to show you before you leave...and don't forget to leave a comment for a chance to win... and because you are nice and you want to leave some love for me :)

Ok, here's my project: Stinking Cute Photo Holders!

If you have spent much time around here, you know that I make several things for my Grandma's Church Bazaar. I made several of these for her Bazaar this year.


This one is my favorite! (I think because it's one of my favorite pictures!) I did spray my Hobby Lobby open stock paper with Tattered Angles Glimmer Mist to up its glitter factor but I will admit, it is not very Christmas-y... Don't worry, I am your Christmas girl! Let me show you first how I made these functional little do-dads.

I started with these.Photobucket (Yes, I purchased them. No Staples did not pay me or ask me to show them off.)

Then, I got out my scrap paper drawer and began cutting pieces 1 1/4" x 2". Some pieces I sprayed with Smooch or Glimmer mist. Next, I creased the paper around the binder clips (mostly to make sure it was going to fit correctly). I used Terrifically Tacky Tape (the red roll) on each side (so three strips of tape total) and stuck down the paper. (Credit: When I couldn't get mine to stand up correctly, I watched this video.)

I selected ribbon to coordinate with the paper. (The pink is from Michaels (below), JJ put it in my stocking last year. The black is fab! satin ribbon from Stampin UP!) I put a little bit of adhesive on the ribbon right where it goes around the silver parts of the binder clips... otherwise, the ribbon rides up and there's no where for the picture to go.

Here's my Christmas sample:

Photobucket That's paper from the open stock at Hobby Lobby. Those snazzy chicks in the photo are my sister and I in San Fransisco a couple of years ago.

House of Jones Holiday Traditions

Our first Christmas as husband and wife, I decided we needed to start some Christmas traditions! (Now, every since I have had my own Christmas tree (i.e., not living with my parents) I have left the tree lights on all night long on Christmas Eve and slept in the living room... JJ does this with me too. And someday, I will let our children do the same I am sure.) So, that first year, which was just last year in case you are counting, I bought us both fun/cute Christmas PJs to wear to bed on Christmas Eve. My thoughts were that our Christmas morning pictures would be better since we wouldn't be in old sweats but... I don't even think we took any last year. Anyway, that's our thing! And I love it! And JJ plays along with my game!

Now! Leave me some love for a random chance to win my candy.... can't really show it to you... but trust me! I am the last blog on the hop. Head on over to CardMaker and check out the challenges. Have a ball with all the challenges and thanks for stopping by!

In case you are lost... start with Lora and hop on through.


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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Did you vote?

I was at the poll before the sun came up this morning. Can you believe it? Me? The girl who loves to sleep. Yep, I was there!

Have you been there? Pretty much no matter where you live in this great country, you can still get your hind end to the polls. Don't know how you should vote? Just ask; I'm happy to tell you. ;)

Really, GO! Cast your opinion! Hurry!