Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Ok, it's going to be ok!

I got a new laptop!! Yep, the mother board died in my old one and, according to my tech savvy friends, it's not worth fixing.... gasp!

Anyway, I went out to get another one last Saturday.... and I paid cash. Well, not folding money but I used my debit card not a credit card! Let me tell you, that was a hunk of change and felt pretty good to just peel off the ol' Franklins or dropping some Bens or whatever the gangsters call it. I haven't read Dave Ramsey (but I'd like to get them on tape for the long drives I make these days) but I understand the premise. Nope, I'm not debt free but I am trying not to be a complete idiot with my finances.

**Off Soap Box!**

Anyway, I have a darling little baby Toshiba. So stinking cute! This isn't my actual computer but it's what she looks like... yes, we girls stick together!!

Ok, well, it doesn't look so little and cute here but, just take my word!!

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