Monday, January 31, 2011

Do You Have Rules About Which You Are Steadfast?

Of course, we all do. One of my biggies is:

Thou shalt not deposit dirty dishes in thy sink.

What did I do last weekend:

Yep! All Me.

Why you ask? Because I wanted to take a nap with my JJ rather than unload the dishwasher so I could load it up again...

However, we had a blissful nap and the world did not end...

Yes, my coffee pot always sits on the counter...I cannot LIVE without it!
AND--some new stuff happened in the kitchen since I took these pictures...stay tuned!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Engagement Card

So, I told you that my sister is getting married in May.

I wanted to make her an engagement card (of course!).

I started out by playing along on a challenge at CardMaker to create a gatefold card. So, I was playing along, making a card with Rich Razzleberry and loving it!

Fast Forward >>> Card is done...can't find real problem...snap pictures with cell phone. Not the best, but not horrible. "Great" I say, "we will go with it". Get over to CardMaker...Picasa doesn't format the photos to a way CM message board will accept.

That was a couple of weeks ago I think and I guess you could say I have just been pouting every since! Well not really...just sort of busy (more on that later)!

(Note: The paperclip is not really part of the card...just holding it closed for the little photo shoot.)

So, Sister, Congratulations, I love you, you are going to make a beautiful bride and live happily ever after. BTW, I think I will make a dashing Matron of Honor (which certainly sounds better than a Maid) if I do say so myself! Here's to many belly laughs about who knows what!

And to Nathan: JJ is correct, my sister may seem as though she has gone completely mad as she goes on with preparing for your wedding. But I promise, the sun will rise on May 15 and the important things will have will be married...and stuck with JJ and I for the rest of our and your lives! (Ok, I am not so sure that the last part is all that important but whatever...).

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Silhouette Give Away

I wish it was me giving away this cool machine (because that would mean the company had already given me one!!) but it's not, it is Traci over at Beneath My Heart. Check it out!! It's super easy to get entered into the drawing SEVERAL times!

Click here to find the post about the giveaway.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I am officially my High School Home Economics Teacher

I just spilled coffee on my charts. I would show you my mess but they are medical charts...and that iss confidential information so I leave you with this:

(Photo from Nocturnable)

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Winter White


My sister got engaged this past weekend! Yeah Sister and Nathan!! So, their wedding date is May 14, 2011 (not a typo people, just over 5 months from now!). Moving quickly we must!!

She wants milk glass bud vases to use for the center pieces.
Her: So I got a couple of bud vases yesterday at the junk store in Syracuse. They are milk glass. I really like them but I need a ton more.
Me: How many is a ton?
Her: I don't know. Maybe 10. I want to use them for center pieces and stuff at my reception.
Me: 10 isn't going to cut it but I will help you.
Her: Really. Where are you going to find them.
Me: I don't know for sure but I saw some at Salvation Army and some more at a few other junk shops. Remember, I like junk shops.
Her: Oh right. Ok, you just find some then and keep track of how much money you spend.
Me: Sweet. JJ is going to die when he thinks I have a new "collection". But, give me a Friday off and this will be done!
Us: Laugh!

So! On my lunch yesterday, I found this beauty at the Salvation Army store in Sedalia:

Sorry for the kinda dark picture. I took it on my cell phone at my Mom's...more on that in a second.
$2 and I was happy!!

Then, Old Man Winter dumped a load on the Midwest:

This is what I saw while I was driving home to my parents because the roads were horrible! But, being the devote junk addict sister that I am, I stopped of at two more junk shops on my way home.

I found these beauties at a roadside shack on the East side of Sedalia. Funny, I always thought it was a nursing home...maybe it used to be...

The ice cream looking bowl on the left was marked $1.00 but half off so 50 cents, short skinny one in the front, middle was 50 cents, the islet edge bowl thing in the back was a splurge at $2.50. The shapely tall girl in the back was 50 cents I think, the one to her right was $1. I really love the little beauty at the far right. She's not really glass but... who cares right?!? At any rate, I only spent $5.92 in that shop.

Total so far: $7.92

A little more snow driving...
Would you believe that normally this is a major state highway??

And I got to the junk shop at the 4-way in Tipton (yeah, there's only one so if you see a are there. Look south).

I found this little group of cuties:

The one on the left was $2. The two on the right were $1 50 cents. The shop keeper just gave me the one in left middle (good thing because I think it's kind of ugly).

Grand total... $11.92
Not bad for a snowy days work... after work. And... It's not even Friday yet!

(Disclaimer: Probably the total to Sister will not be $11.92. I just might have to keep a few of these beauties for my very own collection!! ;)

I found a Treasures and Trinkets Linky Party over at My Cottage Charm.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

House Keeping

Did you notice? I widened my reading column. I dare say, I am happy with the wider version! (Now, if I can have the opposite effect on my thighs!)

A shout out to John Deere Mom with her drippingly simple tutorial: How to widen your columns in Blogger.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Christmas Clearance DEALS!!!!

So, I went out just today, January 7 and found some great deals... on some things I had been wanting anyway...even better!!!!

First, I recently saw a post from Melissa at 320 Sycamore which reminded me that while it's not exactly right after Christmas, there should still be some clearance, very good clearance might I add, deals to be found! She made a haul from Target with cute ideas for her finds.

Now for my haul!

So first I went to Kohls (to return some shoes but I was there so might as well look around right!?!). I found these three cuties!
I had the perfect idea for this little tree... I looked for one this year but never really found a deal. Snagged this sweet thing for $3.99 (that would be 70% off).

I couldn't resist this jack-o-lantern pail/candle holder/cutie.
At only, $3.99 (Ok, that's pretty sick that Halloween has the same clearance as Christmas) I decided it would look fabulous sitting on my porch steps while cute little trick or treaters head to my door.

(Which may have been a bit premature on my part since hopefully, we will live in our new house by then. But whatever, it will have a porch right!?!)
(Ok, so the bird on a sphere wasn't exactly on clearance but it was on sale...that counts right???)
I have been seeing cute little birds, especially those in white, around blog land and was just pretty smitten. So, when I saw this one, I immediately thought of Rhoda at Southern Hospitality. (Hop on over and visit...she has great style!!)

Photobucket I am just dying looking at that bird...and the burlap on the tree OH MY!

Anyway, kinda makes me snicker to see my Christmas/Halloween/Spring/Easter vignette. Well, I couldn't resist, I had to show you my finds!

Oh! And, I stopped off a Hobby Lobby too! OH MY GOSH! LET ME JUST SAY 90% OFF!!

I got these two sets of stocking holders.
Now, if you have been around here for long, you know it's just JJ and me. So why, you ask, do I need to be able to hang 8 stockings? Well... I'm not sure. I have visions of a mantle in my new house. I see the PEACEful beauties perched in pretty greenery with red berries and fancy white lights... maybe not even holding stockings at all! {Gasp!} And the Joy, well, I don't know...maybe as actual stocking holders. Eek!
Anyway, I got the Peace for $7 (regular $69.99) Joy for $4.50 (regular $44.99).

Now this Christmas tree/filigree stocking holder had me at hello!
There were two but the other one was pretty beat up... I put it in my cart because I was thinking I could mix up some paint and some Distress ink and try to make do... then I thought...ummm, have to move contents of current house. So, I put the sad looking tree back--I miss her. Ok, just kidding, I am loving this girl!! And, regular price was $24.99, I got it for $2.50... Now I am thinking for $2.50 I could have at least tried my hand at rehabing the broken girl. Dang!

Here's my thought... the hanger part is pretty wimpy looking. I am thinking I am going to take it off...

Just kidding I turned it over. But you get the point.

I'm just saying-- I can't wait for Christmas!!!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Another Christmas Wreath

I showed you here the pretty red wreath I made for my good friend, Lora.

I made another in golds for our friends Chris & Charlie. They live down the hill from us and have been our good friends almost the entire time I have lived on this block. Another family from this hood that we will terribly miss when we discover another home.

Anyway, here's the wreath I made for them:

Turns out that it's pretty rough to take a picture of shiny stuff!!

I learned about these great wreaths from Sarah @ Thrifty Decor Chick. Thanks Sarah!

If you made it this far, thank you! I had tons of Christmas projects this year and I didn't want you to miss out!! ;)