Friday, January 7, 2011

Christmas Clearance DEALS!!!!

So, I went out just today, January 7 and found some great deals... on some things I had been wanting anyway...even better!!!!

First, I recently saw a post from Melissa at 320 Sycamore which reminded me that while it's not exactly right after Christmas, there should still be some clearance, very good clearance might I add, deals to be found! She made a haul from Target with cute ideas for her finds.

Now for my haul!

So first I went to Kohls (to return some shoes but I was there so might as well look around right!?!). I found these three cuties!
I had the perfect idea for this little tree... I looked for one this year but never really found a deal. Snagged this sweet thing for $3.99 (that would be 70% off).

I couldn't resist this jack-o-lantern pail/candle holder/cutie.
At only, $3.99 (Ok, that's pretty sick that Halloween has the same clearance as Christmas) I decided it would look fabulous sitting on my porch steps while cute little trick or treaters head to my door.

(Which may have been a bit premature on my part since hopefully, we will live in our new house by then. But whatever, it will have a porch right!?!)
(Ok, so the bird on a sphere wasn't exactly on clearance but it was on sale...that counts right???)
I have been seeing cute little birds, especially those in white, around blog land and was just pretty smitten. So, when I saw this one, I immediately thought of Rhoda at Southern Hospitality. (Hop on over and visit...she has great style!!)

Photobucket I am just dying looking at that bird...and the burlap on the tree OH MY!

Anyway, kinda makes me snicker to see my Christmas/Halloween/Spring/Easter vignette. Well, I couldn't resist, I had to show you my finds!

Oh! And, I stopped off a Hobby Lobby too! OH MY GOSH! LET ME JUST SAY 90% OFF!!

I got these two sets of stocking holders.
Now, if you have been around here for long, you know it's just JJ and me. So why, you ask, do I need to be able to hang 8 stockings? Well... I'm not sure. I have visions of a mantle in my new house. I see the PEACEful beauties perched in pretty greenery with red berries and fancy white lights... maybe not even holding stockings at all! {Gasp!} And the Joy, well, I don't know...maybe as actual stocking holders. Eek!
Anyway, I got the Peace for $7 (regular $69.99) Joy for $4.50 (regular $44.99).

Now this Christmas tree/filigree stocking holder had me at hello!
There were two but the other one was pretty beat up... I put it in my cart because I was thinking I could mix up some paint and some Distress ink and try to make do... then I thought...ummm, have to move contents of current house. So, I put the sad looking tree back--I miss her. Ok, just kidding, I am loving this girl!! And, regular price was $24.99, I got it for $2.50... Now I am thinking for $2.50 I could have at least tried my hand at rehabing the broken girl. Dang!

Here's my thought... the hanger part is pretty wimpy looking. I am thinking I am going to take it off...

Just kidding I turned it over. But you get the point.

I'm just saying-- I can't wait for Christmas!!!

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  1. You did great!! I would have gone straight for that pail and the sweet little bird.