Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Winter White


My sister got engaged this past weekend! Yeah Sister and Nathan!! So, their wedding date is May 14, 2011 (not a typo people, just over 5 months from now!). Moving quickly we must!!

She wants milk glass bud vases to use for the center pieces.
Her: So I got a couple of bud vases yesterday at the junk store in Syracuse. They are milk glass. I really like them but I need a ton more.
Me: How many is a ton?
Her: I don't know. Maybe 10. I want to use them for center pieces and stuff at my reception.
Me: 10 isn't going to cut it but I will help you.
Her: Really. Where are you going to find them.
Me: I don't know for sure but I saw some at Salvation Army and some more at a few other junk shops. Remember, I like junk shops.
Her: Oh right. Ok, you just find some then and keep track of how much money you spend.
Me: Sweet. JJ is going to die when he thinks I have a new "collection". But, give me a Friday off and this will be done!
Us: Laugh!

So! On my lunch yesterday, I found this beauty at the Salvation Army store in Sedalia:

Sorry for the kinda dark picture. I took it on my cell phone at my Mom's...more on that in a second.
$2 and I was happy!!

Then, Old Man Winter dumped a load on the Midwest:

This is what I saw while I was driving home to my parents because the roads were horrible! But, being the devote junk addict sister that I am, I stopped of at two more junk shops on my way home.

I found these beauties at a roadside shack on the East side of Sedalia. Funny, I always thought it was a nursing home...maybe it used to be...

The ice cream looking bowl on the left was marked $1.00 but half off so 50 cents, short skinny one in the front, middle was 50 cents, the islet edge bowl thing in the back was a splurge at $2.50. The shapely tall girl in the back was 50 cents I think, the one to her right was $1. I really love the little beauty at the far right. She's not really glass but... who cares right?!? At any rate, I only spent $5.92 in that shop.

Total so far: $7.92

A little more snow driving...
Would you believe that normally this is a major state highway??

And I got to the junk shop at the 4-way in Tipton (yeah, there's only one so if you see a light...you are there. Look south).

I found this little group of cuties:

The one on the left was $2. The two on the right were $1 together...so 50 cents. The shop keeper just gave me the one in left middle (good thing because I think it's kind of ugly).

Grand total... $11.92
Not bad for a snowy days work... after work. And... It's not even Friday yet!

(Disclaimer: Probably the total to Sister will not be $11.92. I just might have to keep a few of these beauties for my very own collection!! ;)

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  1. Thanks so much for linking up to my Treasures and Trinkets party, I have it every Thursday (usually post it on Wed night) if you'd like to link up something you love each week. :)
    Congrats to your sister and to you too for all your fab finds! I love thrift stores...going to goodwill today to try and find some containers for my pantry I'm re-doing! :)
    Hope you have a GREAT day!

  2. Love the Milk Glass. Especially the hob nob vases!!

  3. You are such a sweet sister. I wish we lived closer because that is my favorite thing to do is go (junking). Oh and I love milk glass!

  4. @Jane:
    I have dreams of Thelma & Louise vacations focused solely on junking in different parts of the country. I am so envious of Mike and Frank on American Pickers!