Sunday, November 16, 2014

Christmas Church Bazaar

Fortuna Methodist Church had their Craft Bazaar a couple weeks ago. I set up my stuff at home....just to make sure it went ok. 
Gift tags and Christmas cards... all piled into an old suitcase and some cheese boxes. 

And I gold leafed some pine ones into a garland. It didn't sell but I'm excited to decorate with it then year. 

I thought I had some pics from the Church but I must have deleted them.... Dang! 
Anyway, what have you made lately?

EDITED to add pictures from the Church...I didn't delete the, after all. :)

You can see the garland at the bottom. 
The little jars, to the right, are from my fav jalapeƱo peppers. :) I added Epsom salt, tea lights, some twine and jingle bells. They didn't sell either but I have a plan for here! :)

Here's some closer pics of the stuff in the suitcase and boxes:

There you go!