Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Would you get a load of THIS!?!

I took this picture myself. I promise it has not been photo-shopped or otherwise had the content edited!


Get a closer look why don't you?


Yep, that's a compact car with a trunk FULL of scrap metal. I tried to get a closer picture but all I had was my iphone and I was driving. Eek!

Anyway, it made me laugh and I thought I'd share that with you. I guess as long as you are recycling, your methods are acceptable??

1 comment:

  1. That little car is funny full of metal...I guess you do what you have to do if you don't have a truck! :)
    I LOVE my backsplash too! I looked at it in copper and other colors, but the silver hatched looked the best in my all white, pink and cream kitchen. :)
    Have a great day
    Missy :)