Friday, February 11, 2011

Pamper Yourself!!!

Edited to include: Sugar scrub is an exfoliant for your skin.

I am hosting a challenge at CardMaker CardSwap message board called Pamper Yourself (go check it out!)

I fancied up a ketchup bottle to hold my beloved homemade sugar scrub! (Don't worry, it's not a secret recipe...keep reading.)

Here's the ketchup bottle all filled up with delish but looking awfully ugly:

I ripped off the lose flakes of wrapper (from washing it out) and covered it with paper.

I added some tinsel from Sister and a snowflake cut with my Cricut. Of course, Stickles was a must!!

SUGAR SCRUB RECIPE (gleaned from the internet many moons ago)
1 cup of sugar
1/2 cup oil (I have heard that you can use any oil including vegetable but I don't want to smell like a french fry so I use Grape Seed Oil...not too expensive, check out HyVee)
Essential oils (begin with a few drops, you can always ad)

A little bit on oils: I am so not an oils snob. I have used fancy stuff from a scent shop and I have also used the oils Yankee Candle sells; for this, I don't thin I can tell a bit of difference. The expensive oils take less but they cost significantly more so... I say, go with what you like to smell!


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  1. Thanks for the recipe! You did a fabulous job making your ketchup turned sugar scrub bottle beautiful.