Thursday, February 18, 2010


OH MY GOSH!! I have followers! I always wanted groupies... instead I have just been one!

Stay tuned for a funny story! (Did I mention that I love Jimmy Bufffett? -Yeah, I'm a groupie.)
(Be aware of the sharks that can swim on the land!)


  1. Groupie #1 here! Where in the world was this picture taken? It's hilarious. Now I'll be thinking of the old SNL landshark skit all day...

  2. Glad to be part of your groupie...
    Funnt,funny picture...thanks for the laughter

  3. Thanks for the laugh Laura. I love that picture... to funny!!!!

  4. Lori- The picture was taken at a Tailgate for a Jimmy Buffett Concert in Dalas, TX last spring. My sister and I take a road trip to a Jimmy concert every year... starting from when I finished grad. school (that was my present from Sister). Best present ever!!

    Laugh away!