Friday, October 15, 2010

Iris Folding Answers

First of all, thanks for stopping by on World Card Making Day. In case you missed my iris folding card, you can see that whole post here. I must say, I was really impressed with how my card turned out!!

I received so many lovely comments {thank you} and a few questions. I'd like to take this time to answer the questions.

1. Percy the Black Cat commented that she thought it "would be interesting with fabric". I had not thought of that before the Cat's comment but I immediately thought of Stampin Up's new Christmas fabric! Now that would be fancy!!!

2. Several comments including one from Gail Varland mused that making the card must have taken a long time. Honestly, it took about an hour. This was my FIRST try, I had to choose papers, then choose again :) and then re-cut them because I had been too chincy the first time and my strips weren't long enough.

3. Several people said they love the technique and the card, then followed with "but I can't do that". To which I say, "Yes you can!". Seriously, with a pattern, the directions I wrote and the Youtube video (check the original post)... it is super easy...for real!!

4. Lora, you can come over to my Cavern anytime!! :)

5. There was one more comment with several questions but... I accidently deleted it and I can't seem to locate it now. Sorry!

(If you left a question and I missed or deleted it or you have another, please leave me a comment or shoot me an email. If I know the answer, I would love to help you out. Even if I don't know the answer, I will post your question and see if my friend Terrie stops by...she's the iris folding Queen!!)


  1. Mrs Jones you are too funny I don't consider myself an Iris Folding Queen but thanks for the title....LOL
    But I must admit that I do love to do Iris Folding...I try not peek until I finish all of it and then when I turn it around I always get the WOW factor...I'm so happy that you gave this a try and You did a fantastic job...
    Hope to see more Iris Folding from you...

  2. Just had to come by and thank you for stopping by my blog! Your comment was so sweet and encouraging. You are so talented at making cards! They are beautiful! :)
    BTW, my favorite color is RED too!
    Have a great weekend!

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