Sunday, March 13, 2011

Wishes for my New Home... I'll call her Peg.

I follow a girl called MeganDVD on a blog called Beauty in the Attempt. She's house hunting (check here, and here for a few) and it got me to thinking... I should make a Wish List for my new home. I am a first time home buyer; JJ had our house when we met. When he was 21, he bought the first house he was shown...turns out he did pretty well. Let's just say we both would like to do a little shopping this time.

Anyway, I decided to call my new home Peg (because she doesn't have to be fancy except through my mind's eye) and here are some of the wishes I have for her and I.

1. Split bedroom floor plan (the kid's room away from ours...away from the living space)
2. A front porch
3. A mantle. Note, I didn't say a fireplace... that would be ok, but the mantle is what I wish
4. A bigger kitchen to make my JJ happy
5. Outdoor living space or the potential for such
6. JJ would like an outbuilding/shed...or we could just have the space for such building to ensue
7. I would like for my main entry for guests/front door to not open right into our family room (I guess that means I would like a foyer of sorts)
8. My kitchen/everyday dining area to be where the main TV doesn't bother us from sitting and chatting.

What do you think? If you were shopping for a new house, what would be on the TOP of your list.

And... I have a favorite...all picked out...but it's a leap because it needs some serious love!!!


  1. I've been doing this too as we get ready to build next year...oh, I get a sick feeling. So many decisions! My main wants...walk in pantry, laundry chute from the kids bathroom that drops into my laundry room, mud room for hunting clothes and boots, fireplace, lots of room for a humungo Christmas tree, a big kitchen with an island and a front porch and back deck!

  2. I know you will find the perfect one...or at least one that can be made perfect. In a year or two we will be doing the same thing so take good notes. I love and miss you terribly!

    Sarah aka Sister

  3. CLOSETS!!!! A linen closet for every bathroom and a wonderfully large laundry room where you have a counter top to sort and fold clothes.