Wednesday, August 24, 2011

My Love Affair...

...with suitcases. Oh how I love thee!!!

Several, several years ago, in a magazine somewhere, I saw a bedside table created from vintage suitcases and so the love affair began! I think I have close to ten and I stash them all over.

When we first moved to the Rental, I had two conundrums. The first: where to drop off the mail until mail opening day (Friday). The second: where to stash that stuff you need in the bathroom but you don't want people to see when your bathroom is only this big: Photobucket (not even joking...I was standing in the hallway).

Enter Juanita's House Antiques at Main and Ohio in Sedalia, MO (I just love that woman! She invited me to my first auction in my new work town, her shop was one of the fist downtown shops I discovered, her shop has this sweet little entry to the second floor, and to top it all off! She is just sweet as pie!)

So, down to see Juanita's House I head on a random lunch hour in July...after Jj already said we couldn't get anymore stuff until we had a new space to accessorize...well, this one needed just a bit. And, suitcases can help us in the moving process :) and...really...they can "go" in any home that I'm in. State law!

First, I found this little cutie: Photobucket
It had a luggage tag with someone's name on it; I thought that was cool. Juanita said it belonged to a local doctor's wife...kinda neat. I just knew that with a little elbow grease, I could get that thing slicked up and it would be a great mail holder!

Wouldn't you know! I walked upstairs and look what jumped into my arms!
I know! Hopped right in! (Look! Someone's initials! MC. How cool if it would have been LJ??)

I just used hot water and Pine-sol.
Cleaned up like a dream!


I decided this blue one would have to go in the bathroom.
I was afraid the white one would just disappear with the white walls, white throne, white, white, white!

I just tucked it right down next to the wall.
I feel like the cute little case is kind of hidden but... it's the's only temporary.

The white one is in the living room next to our entertainment table that's holding up our TV. :) I forgot to snap a picture of that...sorry. I promise to show you their locations in our new house; when I find the perfect location!

And! It was the white mail holder that busted me. Jj saw it the second he walked into the Rental. I said sorry but explained that we NEEDED it and that he knew how much I loved suitcases and didn't it look great sitting there? He laughed, hugged me and made me promise that we didn't need anymore stuff. Man he's a keeper!

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