Wednesday, August 11, 2010

And A Smooch For YOU!!

Ok, well, it seems that I loaded these picutes backwards... bear with me. Above is an upclose to show you the glimmer from SU's new Smooch spray which is kindof like Tattered Angel's Glimmer Mist... except not... See below for my opinion on the two. (Note, that's an 8.5x11 sheet of paper.)

Here' the bottle of Smooch. 0.37 ounces! Check out how much of the container it took to spray that one sheet of paper!! Yikes!! Below, is the pic that was suppose to be first... of the piece of paper in my home made spray box. AKA old box with the flaps cut off.

So, I wanted to compare and contrast Glimmer Mist and Smooch Spray.

**Before you freak out: I am not a Stampin Up demonstrator and I don't work for Tattered Angels. Neither company asked me to use their products; I purchased them myself and decided to give you my "2 cents".

Pros of Glimmer Mist: *Larger container (2 oz) for almost the same money *more color varieties offered *you can get it at the store (at least around here) rather than waiting for it to ship to you
Pros of Smooch Spray: *smaller container seems to keep the product in solution better when in use (as compared with GM) *less globs on your paper
Cons of Glimmer Mist: *nearly impossible to spray without clumps even if you keep the container in constant motion and shook the crap out of it initially
Cons of Smooch Spray: *I think I will go broke purchasing replacement.

And the winner: I must say Smooch Spray does win out over Glimmer Mist. Sorry Tattered Angels, as much as I love you, SU's tiny little container, while stupid expensive in comparison, has my heart because it throws less clogs for a more uniform finish.

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