Monday, December 5, 2011

Drawer Pulls

So, you know that I am working over my kitchen drawer pulls at the moment. You can read all about it here.

For the drawers, I wanted something different (from the pulls I rehab'ed for the doors). I've been in love with domed cup pulls forever! In fact, I had purchased these cuties for my kitchen at our old house...but I never got brave enough to drill into the drawer fronts!

Imagine my excitement...FREE PROJECT!!!!!!!!!!

Enter second fail!
My pulls were 2.5" for my 3" drawer spacing. RATS!!

No big deal, I have 10 drawers in the kitchen so to purchase new won't be devastating. Off to Lowes and My Home Depot (so named my Jj. Maybe I go there a lot, maybe I don't :) ) we go! What do you know, 2.5" whole spacing must be the norm for drawers and the person that built our house went cheap? easy? and made all the whole spacing the same.

So...To the Net I went. I ended up finding something I liked for a good price on Amazon. The seller tuned out to be AMAZING!! One of the pulls had an odd defect with the screw threads/spacing. This seller, Cabinet Hardware 4 Less, sent me a new one, no questions asked! The postal service lost it somewhere out in Kansas (according to tracking) and the seller send me another new one! Now, you don't get that kind of customer service often!!

Anyway, I love the way they turned out


You didn't notice a couple of door pulls missing did you?
Oh good! I was hoping not.
They accidently took a little trip to the burn pile, still attached to a cardboard box. I have a little work to do on them before they are show worthy. :)
It's always something!


Are all your kitchen pulls the same or have you mixed and matched too?
I'd love to hear about them.

Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. All of mine are the same. :) I have brushed nickel knobs and I love them. Much better than the awful brassy gold things that were here when we moved in. We have discussed, but it cracks me up that this is one of your first projects, because it was one of my first projects here. Now we are talking bathroom remodel upstairs for next Spring...