Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Big Ugly Frame, What??

This past weekend I went garage-saleing with my sister in law, Lara. (Side Note: She's my husband's bother's wife...so that makes us both La{u}ra Jones.)

Anyway, we went to Pleasant Hill, MO and found us a great little neighborhood and had a blast!!!

We walked up to a house...didn't look like much we were interested in until I saw this big Bertha leaning against the basketball goal!

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I asked how much and the sale-keeper said $10. I didn't hesitate one single bit!!

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100% better already without that stylish tapestry!

I'll show you what I did with it later. For now, I'm linking up with Rhoda at Southern Hospitality for her Thrifty Treasures Party.

Since you see my new frame lying on my drop cloth...you get the idea that I'm going to do some painting. What would you do with this Big Ugly?


  1. I think Big Ugly needs a color as audacious as she is. Maybe fire-engine red? (I have no idea what colors you have in your home, so just throwing that out there. Some kind of fun color, though, to lighten her up.)

    1. Rita! I like your style on the loud color!! I didn't get crazy on this coat but who knows about the next! LOL