Sunday, May 6, 2012

Momogram J + Empty Frame = Pretty Eye Candy

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I started with this wooden (MDF) letter that I got a couple of years ago at a shop in Rolla, MO while paper shopping with my Dad and Sister.

Side Note: For part of our Christmas, he took us to this local scrapbook store in Rolla. He gave us each money and let us pick out whatever we wanted. While we were shopping, he walked around and picked out stuff he thought we would like too. We had a blast making memories that day!

In that picture above, I had already used some Tim Holtz distress ink in Antique Linen around the edges. I tried Frayed Burlap but it was too dark and too green (like olive drab green).

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I covered the letter in Mod Podge and pressed my paper on top. I decided it needed a bit more pressure so I turned it upside down.

That didn't seem to be heavy enough so I did what every girl would do...

I grabbed my knife block and sat it on top!

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Fancy, I know. :)

I let it dry for a maybe an hour and then cut around the letter from the back. In hind sight, I think I would have let it dry a little longer. Uploaded from the Photobucket iPhone App

I grabbed an old frame I had out in the garage (from a project that didn't go as planned). Now I have this in our entry.

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I wish I could show you how ugly those frames were!!! They were all gold and had nasty water stained mats with stinky pictures that were all crinkly from water. I think I got 4 total and they were $2 each...I'm pretty sure I said "perfect" out loud! And I also got crop dusted by a 'gentleman' that day in Salvation Army. Nasty! But worth it for the frame deal I suppose.

Here's a farther back look:

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I added a dainty little crocheted doily, about the size of a drink coaster after...but I didn't snap a picture...oops.

I'd like to add some more too..but I just don't know what yet.

See that green in the corner? It's this horse of an Elephant Ear plant my Mom gave us last summer when we bought this house.

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So what else would you add in our entry? I'd love to hear.

Besides Murphy's oil soap and poly the baseboard and get rid of that DREADED green tile!!

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  1. That's so cool! Great job!

    And really, I rather like the green tile. It's different and different makes it special!

  2. That turned out so good! I love how you worked with the design in the paper- so fancy :)