Saturday, June 16, 2012

Master Bathroom Decor

I knew I wanted to get to work on our master bathroom. It is just blah! But I didn't know quite what I wanted.

You can see the things I like by checking out my Pinterest board titled Master Bedroom.

Here's the picture that started it all!!!

Photobucket far as I can trace the pin.

I knew I wanted to use lanterns rather than bird cages so I set out chasing them down...and I'm still doing just that. However, I've made some other progress that I wanted to share. Just so you know, I'm probably not going to be putting barn wood on my walls anytime soon. Not that I can't appreciate the look; it's just not my least not right now.

I couldn't find a completely bare picture but this is pretty close!

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I'd like to paint our whole bedroom/bathroom. I'd also like to have a different back splash. But for now, we are talking decorations.

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I love that clock for a lot of reasons. One main one is that it doesn't have a second hand! This space is open to our bedroom and I knew from our old house that I did not want a clock, no matter how cool, with a second hand in my bedroom! I think the clock came from Jost & Main but I could be wrong.

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I got this shelf from Celebrating Home when my friend, Leslie, had a party. There's nearly no natural light right here...or at least that's on what I'll blame the shadow.

Then, a little online shopping at Kohl's landed me these scones...which were bigger in person that I really thought they were going to be. However, I think I like them.

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And I got that big shell at a junk store in Oak Grove, MO. I think this little area needs some more accessorizing but I haven't found just what, just yet.

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That door opens into the commode and shower. Directly opposite, opens into our bedroom. Straight across is a double vanity...which is ugly...hence you didn't get to see it. :)

So on the other end of the tub...what shall we see?

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There's the first of my lanterns. I want to get the second one and find a light before I do any hanging from the ceiling so...I tied to make it look like I intended for a random lantern to sit next to my bath tub. :)

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Upon closer inspection, there's a lot of second hand and re-purposed junk in there. A liquor decanter to hold bubble bath, a fisherman's float Christmas ornament, old broken jewelry in a jar and a great little quote by Lucille Ball.

If you are still reading...THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm glad you are here.

What would you add to that little shelf? Place in the scones? I'd love to know.


  1. I would add candles to your candle sconces in the bathroom above the shelf.

    For the shelf I would add some bath salts in different colors.

    But that is just what I would add :o)

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  3. Nice Post about Master Bathroom Many peoples like beautiful bathroom

  4. I'd do river rocks in the sconces.... and sugar scrubs in pretty jars on the shelf.