Monday, June 18, 2012

Re-purposed Ink Holder

My inks have always just been kind of all over. :) Awhile back, my friend Lora, told me about using an old tape cassette me to thinking!

Enter a trip to the Red Racks!

In case you don't know, Red Racks are trift stores ran for the financial benefit of the Disabled American Veterans. When we lived in Columbia, MO, a couple of times a year, they would pick up curb side and sell the stuff at their markets all across the Kansas City area. Now that we live in the KC area, I have developed an affinity for these shops.

The junk is good, the prices are good and so is the mission and purpose of the shops.

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I think this thing was $2.95. Probably not as cheap as a yard sale but definitely do-able!

I started after it with several light coats of my favorite Heirloom White.

Just like the bird cage, it took FOREVER to get the insides covered!!!!!


When I turned this dude over on the back... it was manufactured in June of 1980! This crate is officially vintage...and officially older than me!

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See what I mean? It's rough and narrow and just plain hard to paint.

But the final result was worth it and I don't think you can tell that I didn't get the inside painted well. :)

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Stampin Up! and Close to My Heart inks both fit great! On top, I have Tim Holtz Distress inks.

To the right of this tape case turned ink holder, there's a book case that I got at a yard sale for $5 and painted too. It holds my stamp sets.

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Do you have any great stories of junk you had from your kid-dom that you re-purposed into cool stuff? I'd love to hear the stories!

I linked up at Jennifer Rizzo's Thrift Store makeover party. Check it out {here}.


  1. Great job!! I love the clean, white look!

  2. you are amazingly talented!! I might have a project for you!!!

    1. You are too kind!! I love to putter around with stuff and turn old junk into cool stuff for my house...on the cheap. Let me know about your project!!!

  3. That looks like the same one Lora and I found out at Midway Antique Mall list year I think. She has her ink pads in it too. :)

  4. How did I miss this? I love that you painted it... I'm sitting here trying to figure out where mine is... are you sure you didn't steal it?????