Monday, July 9, 2012

Front Porch Sitting Accessories

So, I went to the Salvation Army's in my work town today. I was hunting an ice cream freezer. My Dad's gave up the fight this weekend.

I didn't find a freezer but I did find a few treasures!

If you follow me on Pinterest, you know that I pin a bunch of junk to a board called "front porch sittin". Click {here} to see my board. I'm working on an easy space that's pretty but not fussy. Comfortable but not sloppy. I'm getting closer, I think.

Today, I found a couple of plant stands. They are really tall so I'm going to use them for side tables. For a buck each, I got both!! :) One may make it to my sun porch so I have a coffee perch...we shall see.

I just set them out on the porch...found condition. I think I like them as is....we shall see what Jonny says.

So anyway, before you get bored... Uploaded from the Photobucket iPhone App

That's a tiny glimpse of a Church Pew my Mom picked up for me at an auction a couple of weeks ago...$50. Score!!!

I'm a sucker for legs and that green leg is just beautimus to me!

Here's my other table:

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That's a whole vingette of second hand finds. I got the wreath, covered in grapes and weird ribbon at a yard sale for a quarter. The chair I got from a road side junk store for around $25. I probably over paid for it as it is in pretty rough condition but I still like it. And so far, it has held me up. :)

I'd like to find a small area rug for this corner. Maybe like 4'x6' or so.

Here's the table a little closer. Uploaded from the Photobucket iPhone App

Here's the burning question...with my purple house and eclectic tables and chair...what color would you paint my Church Pew?

And, I'm linking up over at Southern Hospitality's Thrifty Treasures party. Click {here} to play along!

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  1. You have a great eye!! Loving what you are doing!! I think a buttery yellow church pew would look lovely against your purple house. :)

    1. Thank you Christine! I'm going to show this comment to my husband. :)

      Oh! Buttery yellow would be great choice!!! Before I got the table/stands, I was thinking of going with tangerine...the color of the year. But, I was worried about decorating my front porch for Christmas. I knew I wouldn't want to re-paint the bench or move it off to the garage and I was struggling with Christmas-y colors. However, yellow changes it all! Thanks friend!!

      And thank you for visiting and commenting on my blog.

  2. You did NOT get those plant stands for $1?!?!?! We seriously need to go thrift shopping together. I need a bookcase or something to store stuff in.

  3. Hey girly! I too am a sucker for letters and monograms...guess that makes us both nerds! lol
    LOVE your little stands, you did good! As far as the color of your depends on what you're wanting. A subdued look could be black, or a nice chocolate brown, but if you want it to stand out, a great pop of color would be good too. (love the color of your house by the way) My front door is a dusty purple...and I've had people stop and ask me what the color is. :) hee hee hee I only buy second hand stuff for my front porch because we've been robbed out there, and I sure don't want to spend a fortune on stuff for someone else to carry off. :-/ It breaks my heart that people would do something like that....I prayed for them.
    Have a great day girlfriend!