Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas Ball Wreath

From Drop Box
Would you just look at that!?! Pauke! I love it!! (Not the stocking... the wreath.)

I am sure that others have made this wreath but I saw this wreath idea first from Sarah over at Thrifty Decor Chick. If you have never hung out with this wacky chick, head on over and visit...just don't forget to come back!!

Anyway, TDC, Sarah tells you exactly how to make these... and she did a very good job so I won't go off telling you again. I must stress... bust out the gluegun and glue those tops ON!

I started with tubes of plastic ornaments from Dollar Tree:
And I glued all the tops on with my baby glue gun that was a Christmas present last year from my MIL... LOVE IT!!
I used dinner plates to hold all the Christmas balls from rolling off the table... I thought it would be easier to get glitter off plates (ahh, the miracles of dishwashers) than off the carpet!

Bending the coat hanger was kind of a pain but it did end up well worth it to use a non-flimsy hanger.... More on this later.

So, sit back and see my pretty wreath!!!
(Check out that pine cone and other random hard things wreath... I love it. Mom has since added some pretty sparkly ribbon to it... snazzy!)

I gifted this beauty to my friend Lora. I likely won't live on this block next year at Christmas but I want to always remember the fun we have had here in our Above the Creek Mafia. Next year, I will make another wreath for our new home and I will use it to always remember our great friends Above the Creek!

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