Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Faux Tin Kitchen Back Splash

At our old house, we Jj installed the most beautiful back splash! I still love it. And I swore that I was getting that same back splash in my next house.

Well, I still love the back splash so much I think I want to marry it but my new house begs for a different wall covering...that's for another day, another post.

Back to my old house. This is what the pieces look like up close:

We got ours at Home Depot (I {heart} Home Depot) but I can't seem to find the actual product on their website. However, I'm pretty sure I saw it the last time I was there. I noticed that Menards has the same stuff but slightly cheaper. At the time, our color was not carried by Menards.


We bought glue that goes into the caulk gun. You cut the sheets of back splash (I estimate them at being 18 inches X about 24 inches or so) with scissors. I recommend crazy sharp Fiskars or tin snips. Jj used tin snips.

Then it's basically like putting sheets of scrapbook paper all over the walls. You cut out the outlets, around the windows, etc., to fit.


In the above picture, you can see the J-channel things that go between the back splash and the counter top. He used the air nailer to hold that channel piece onto the wall. Two pictures above, you see Jj fitting the sheet down into the quarter-round/J-channel piece.


Taking a break. :)

But see that piece lying over by the wall. That's the back splash cut to fit the window sil.


The thing that made this back splash take the longest was cutting around our wooden window sil. We elected to not try to take it off as we had a tough time with removing some of the trim in the basement and didn't want to mess up the wood.


Notice that beautiful outlet cover that matches the back splash perfect?? Yeah? Well, I MADE that. Yes, I did.

Let me show you how. And know that it took me almost as long to cover the outlets and switches as it did Jj to put up the back splash. However, I figured out a thing or two that I'm going to share with you so you are faster. :)

First, tools:
-Must have exacto knife!!
-New switch and outlet covers (they don't have to be new but they must be super clean for the adhesive. Covers are less than $1 so rather than scrubbing, I bought new.
-Cutting board


Cut the covering slightly larger than the outlet.


Notch out the corners all around. This is so when you wrap under the corners (next picture) you don't have a ton of bulky product.


Wrap all around.


Cut our the middle with slits going back so it will roll around the edge smoothly. Think about wrapping's a lot the same.

Press each tab really taught through the hole for the outlet. If there's too much bulk it will be difficult to get the cover back on the outlets. **Trust me**

Follow the same process for the light switches.

Now, I wish I had the back splash before was TERRIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Let me just say that thou SHALL paint drywall prior to adhering ugly wall paper. Thou SHALT!

And another thing I loved about this kitchen:

The lighting!!!

It's oil rubbed bronze and simply beautiful! Jj and my Dad put up the track lighting. Apparently it was quite difficult and slightly ugly to make that pretty swirl I wanted.

**Love those guys for working so hard to make my mind's eye come to reality!**

If I may, I'd like to show you my favorite picture again:

Let me know, in the comments, if you have any questions!

**I received no compensation for this post. The opinions and instruction ideas are all mine.

What's your favorite thing about your kitchen?

I'd love to know as I'm gathering inspiration for my current kitchen.

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  1. My favorite thing in my kitchen is I can walk under the open cupboard doors, but the downfall to that is I can only reach the bottom shelf. I am 5 ft and the cupboard doors are 5 ft 2 in from the floor. LOL kids and husband hate me leaving them open. LOL

  2. Oh by the way I love the track lighting and the backsplash.