Saturday, January 7, 2012

Let us E-A-T! (again)

I received a couple of comments on my first EAT post requesting more pictures to better see the context of our EAT sign.

Here we go!

This is looking from the doors to my sun porch. To the right, the door way is into the living room with our fireplace. The doorway on the left...if you look really close, you can see the edge of the staircase.
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This one is from the kitchen side. I think I was standing between the sink and the cook top. Don't you love my pretty white appliances...NOT.
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Here, I was standing by the dining room table. Looking into the kitchen area. To the right of the refrigerator, that hallway goes to our bedroom. There's a coat closet, half bath, laundry room and stairs that go down to our family room.
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I also noticed that you see Janie's purple dog on the ledge...I took it away from her for ripping a hole in it. :) Also, that's a vintage toast rack up there holding our Christmas cards.

I have huge plans for this kitchen...I'll share them as they get closer to reality.

Time and Money...two things this kitchen is going to require. :)

What's your project for the new year?
And, what do you think of my EAT? Is Jonny right? Should they go? (Fingers crossed you are on my side.:) )


  1. Maybe you just need to add a giant fork and spoon. hee hee... No, really, I like it... I think the letters may be a little large, but I like them.

  2. I like them, but I also think maybe you need a little something else to help them blend. I've seen some cute fork/spoon wall decor at Pier 1 but I think they had a stainless finish. Have you looked at anything from Uppercase Living? They might have something that would work.

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