Wednesday, June 23, 2010

More Sweet Baby Lucy

I did mention she's a snuggler, right? If you missed my previous post, look here.
JJ snapped this of Lucy and I taking a little snooze on the couch one evening. In the last year or so, she was pretty much cold all the time. She has several sweatshirts, sweaters (which she hated... I guess they were itchy) and a Mizzou fleece... has to have a Mizzou fleece!
Above, Lucy is in "her favorite" sweat shirt according to her sweet Daddy.

Here's another nap captured on film! Lucy loved to lay across your chest (this is where her and I took Sunday naps) snuggle and nap with your or have you rock her (I know, spoiled right?? Well, we wouldn't have it any other way!) Lately, when I got home from work, JJ would be rocking Lucy and she'd be snoring. Man! For something so little and so cute, she could saw some serious logs!!

One evening, JJ and Lucy beat me to our bedroom. I walked in, the light was on (hence the hat down low) and this is what I found. My two most precious babies taking a little snooze. (I married a wonderful man! If he spoiles our real children as much as he has our 4-legged daughter, they will be simply rotten but extremely well loved.)

She was such a little weasel. Lucy usually slept closest to me because JJ is a wild sleeper. This is what I woke up to pretty much every morning... sharing my pillow and my heart with this sweet baby girl.

Last August, Lucy had to have her right eye removed. This is JJ and her around Christmas showing off their Pirate faces. I love this picture because it looks like Lucy is smiling... just how I want to remember her.

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  1. I think it's awesome that JJ took pics of you with Lucy. He's definitely a keeper!