Monday, June 21, 2010

Underpants Fairy

Do you ever feel like you are the "Underpants Fairy"? A couple of nights ago, it occurred to me that in addition to the other titles that I hold, I am the Underpants Fairy!
(Image from Google Image Search.)
I smiled to myself as I put man-panties (better known as boxer briefs) in JJ's drawer at about midnight. I am an Underpants Fairy and:
1. I am pretty good at it (pretty easy)
2. I like it
3. And I wouldn't trade it for anything!!
I love you Monster! And I love being your wife even when all I am doing is washing underpants!


  1. ROFL!! Callie has this book.... in fact, she has the entire collection of color fairies... and gemstone fairies... and some other fairy group, too... I do not remember ever seeing the title Underpants Fairy, though. HA!

  2. I might have just made up that title. Who knows, it could be the next great novel for the little people!