Friday, June 25, 2010

A new 'do'!

Disclaimer: Please don't think that I am arrogant or narcissistic. Well, I guess you can, just refrain from telling me about it. :)

It's so hard to get the same "cut" again so I decided, after loving this haircut, that I was going to have JJ take some pictures of me and my new do for future reference. I had to post them on here because how else am I going to show Kim?? (Note: Shiny brows = freshly waxed. yeah!!) Well, the above cheese-ball grin is because JJ was making fun of me hard core and I was just dying laughing.

After a few gut busters, he went outside and I embarked on a self-portrait shoot:

Yep, I love this hair cut.

I know, dork!

Dork, 2x big!! But it's all worth it for a stellar 'do'!