Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Sweet baby Lucy

She was the absolute sweetest puppy ever! JJ and I got her (after I begged like crazy!) in October of 2004; she wasn't in our lives for long but I think she will spend quite some time in our hearts. Christmas 2009: Lucy was pretty much blind by this time but she was so amazed with our Christmas tree. I guess she could probably notice the stark contrast between the dark room and the lights.

This was Christmas 2008: JJ and Lucy sleeping on the couch by the light of our Christmas tree. Technically, she wasn't sleeping but she would never get up, even if she was awake, if you were still sleeping. She would just hang out and wait for you to wake up... such a snuggler!

Side Note: Eventhough she was originally my dog, she certainly had both of us wrapped tightly around her little paw. We wouldn't have it any other way!

See what I mean? I am sacked out taking a nap, she's just chilling. I took my first Sunday nap without Lucy this past Sunday. It was really weird to wake up without her weight sprawled across me.

I had stripped our bed but not got the linens to the laundry room yet. When I went back to our bedroom to get the sheets, this is what I found. She had just crawled under there and was taking a nap. So stinking cute!!
Lucy was a hider. Just like a child, if you didn't hear from her it was probably best to go find her. She just wasn't very sneaky! :) Her normal spots were under our bed and under blankets. Usually, you could find her by locating her back legs like above.

Christmas 2009: Just hanging out under our Christmas tree. I love this picture!! She really liked it under there! Before Christmas, when our tree was full of presents, she'd get under there and get stuck. One of us would have to crawl under and pull her out; I am surprised that she didn't tip over the tree!
I will post more pictures of her soon. We have tons of really cute ones (of course I am biased)! We miss her so much but I know she's healthy now and able to play again and there's no doubt that after she became a Jones, she was certainly pampered! I just tell myself that she's Cooper's puppy now.
My heart goes out to all the Mommy's and Daddy's that have lost real babies; I truly can't imagine!


  1. OH, Laura!! I'm so sorry... we'll miss seeing Lucy, too. You and Lucy were the first "people" to welcome us to the neighborhood. Do you remember that? We were moving in and you were walking her. You stopped by to say "hi" and Lucy was so cute!! I have a tender spot for Boston Terriers, since my first dog was a Boston.

  2. I do! I think she took a big stinky poop in your yard that day too. I thought I could just die! C just laughed; he thought it was hilarous that I was freaking out! Good thing I had some trusty WalMart bags in my pocket!!

    She was a sweetie! Thanks for you kind words.. gotta go... tears coming.

  3. Oh Laura, I'm SO SORRY. What a cutie she was. Great pics too.
    I just popped over here to thank you for the comments on my card and to tell you that it IS the Snow Dots embossing folder that you noticed. I love that one. Seems trivial now, given your post...I'm sorry again. :(

  4. Thank you so much Lori. At any rate, I do love that folder! Thanks for stopping over.

  5. Laura,
    I am so sorry you lost Lucy! I know you loved her very much and will miss her terribly.