Monday, September 13, 2010

The Lazy Peacock is having a giveaway

Click here to see her giveaway.

The Lazy Peacock post mostly silver and monogram finds from estate sales and the likes. I really enjoy seeing her findings. I have to admit that I used to almost always pass on silver for sure...partially because I am more of a glass girl and partially from the upkeep (polish, etc). And I always passed up on monogram... come on, you don't find very many "u" out there (from my maiden name).

However, I have found a love for other monograms... I particularly like "s" and "r" real reason why! :)

So, a special thank you to The Lazy Peacock for finding my love of letters that don't belong in my monogram and for displaying such great finds!!

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  1. thank you for the kind shout out and link to my giveaway! i really appreciate it. and yep, i love the monograms!!! they are my favorite things to find!