Wednesday, September 22, 2010


I think the world has slightly passed my by lately.

I started a new job on August 30. I really love it...and I think they like me too! (That last part is sure a nice bonus!) Anyway, I work only 4 days a week but that means really long work days added to a pretty long commute (76 miles to be exact!). But, it's all 4-lane so it's not so bad.

But! I have nearly blogged none! Probably because I haven't been doing much besides work, sleep and drive. Oh, and hang with hubby! You see, the Night Owl (that's me) now sees the sun rise each morning so I have to go to sleep at night which cuts into my craftiness!!

Ok, to be honest, I have made a few things:
1. A fall wreath for my sister's front door - completed! Photos taken, just need to blog!
2. A cute little Christmas tag for my Grandma (with some new distress ink) - Completed. No pictures but do need to show my peeps!
3. Almost 100 years ago (ok, the beginning of August) I made a card pack and cute little bag for a wedding shower present. I took the pictures and I think I even loaded them to photobucket...just need to finish that post. **blogged**

So, I am a list maker and that made me feel good!!

Except, JJs's Grandma Runyon passed away last night. We are sad. Please pray for safe travels as our family comes together. Also pray for my Mother in Law and her siblings and my sweet husband. If you aren't a prayer, well, hug a tree or something.

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