Thursday, September 23, 2010

And Just A Tick More Black & White

Here's the rest of my cousin's shower present! (I showed you the first part here and the "gift bag" here.)

Here are the other cards I made to fill the basket. I also tossed in a Target gift card just in case she hated the rest of the present! You know, not everyone thinks our crafts are as cool as we do!!

Above is some snazzy Smooch spray on SU's Presto Patterns Specialty Paper. (I should show you that's kinda cool!)

That's just a black piece of SU card stock stamped with white craft ink on the Medallion stamp then sprayed with Smooch spray...pretty easy! I showed you in more detail here.

Here, you can see their wedding card too (hope she doesn't stalk my blog...but this is wedding week so even if she does, she's probably not right now!).

Lucky for me, she loved them!!

Side Note: My roommate from college, Christen, used to always say "tick". Meaning little or quick like, "I'll be home in a tick; see you then Luarel." Or, "I think I'll have just a tick more chocolate cake. It is my birthday!"

If you're still here, show me some love!!

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