Monday, April 12, 2010

Blinds and my first EVER furniture/decor restoration!!

Here's the before picture... just ignore the random things in the bay window.
Side Note: When JJ and I first started dating his blinds were plastic minis in really bad shape. I recommended he get some new... I said "should be cheap, just a few bucks for the little windonws and ... I don't know... maybe$20 for the middle". So off he goes. On my next visit, I notice that he purchased METAL minis and he announces to me that they were not cheap!
Long story short: I have hated them since day 1 but they were already installed, expensive and from guy-view... he just couldn't understand my problem... "they are just blinds Sugar". So, until I finished graduate school and we payed for our wedding, I certainly couldn't afford new ones >>>>>>> fast forward to now!!
I got these beauties at Home Depot ~20 bucks for the side windows, ~$45 for the middle window... not exactly cheap but MUCH better than the old metals that marked up my newly painted walls (can you tell I hated the metals from hello??)

BTW-- Did you notice the photo in the above pic? It's one of my favorites from our wedding... I just pack it around the house... it changes locations about once a week. LOVE IT!!!
2 windows down... and I adjusted the length too (quite the pain!)

All done... I love them already. I just have to figure out what to do with my bay window sitting area. Any ideas??

I wanted to show you this piece above the windows. It's the first piece of furniture I re-did. I purchased it at an estate auction (I think it was the topper to a fancy organ... who knows what happened to the organ... it was sticking in the dirt when I rescued it!) several years ago and refinished it right away! JJ always hated it but I convinced him we should give it a chance... now he loves it too!! (Please ignore the popcorn ceiling... Rome wasn't built in a day people!)


  1. VEERRRYY pretty! Great job and congrats on finally getting rid of those old blinds. Great job on the organ topper thingy too!

  2. I'm so glad we finally fixed our fence... I think I can see a little piece of my yard out your windows. HA!

  3. Thanks Lori. I just love that organ topper (at least that's what I have been calling it). Yep Lora! That's the funny thing; I usually see a tiny part of my yard/house in your outside/through window pictures. I always feel giddy... then scan the photo to make sure all is in order at my house! Ha!