Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I've been quoted!!!

I knew my "two sence" would serve me someday! I follow a great thrifty decorator/DIY/randomness blog titled 320 Sycamore and I just LOVE it. Anyway, she had this poll going about this purse... I happen to love purses. Did you know I have an entire closet devoted to shoes and purses?? Well I do and it's bliss!!

Anyway, I am excited... you can see what I had to say here: Nurse Purse. Look towards the bottom. (Here's how I was quoted: “I think if you add a fresh (read thin and springy) scarf... tied around the strap near where it attaches to the bag, you can TOTALLY ROCK IT!!!”

Thanks Melissa for my 2 seconds of fame. :)

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  1. Laura ... forgive my response by comment, but there was no e-mail address on your profile and I don't see a contact me button on your blog.

    For the vintage images I use, I mostly get them from Heartwarming Vintage and Vintagerio. Both of these sites are marked as favorite shops on the left sidebar on my personal blog at Debs Simple Treasures.

    I hope this helps :)