Monday, April 12, 2010

Miss Irene... She is beautiful!!

A little background information: Aunt Irene was my great Aunt (Steve's Dad, Leroy's sister). She moved from St. Louis to live next to my parents after I moved away to college. She had buckets and buckets (literally 5 gallon buckets) of cool jewelry, neat-o dishes, LOADS of hankies (the frilly kind) and some incredibly fancy pieces of furniture....Aunt Irene passed away several years ago and Grandpa Leroy let us keep most anything we wanted. I have loads of darling little hankies, tons of broaches (I modified some plain old Christmas stockings to be the coolest vintage socks ever!!) some funky vintage jewelry and now, this beaut! Mom kept this piece that I will call "Miss Irene". I begged for years and she always said 'no, that piece is mine; we can find you one someday'. Well.... before I went home for Easter, Mom called and said: "Why don't you drive the SUV so you can take that cabinet home with you." WWWWHHHHHAAAAAATTTTTTT!!!!!!!!! I say??
Well, long story short, I go to pick it up, the finish on the top was messed up from moisture I presume... not sure how. So, I went back this weekend and we stripped it!! I have to admit; I am hooked!! I love refinishing furniture!
My pretty Mom taking out the shelves. Just look at Miss Irene! You think she's pretty here, just wait!

Safety first!! Can you tell it was a warm Sunday in the Midwest? I think it was in the upper 70's; great afternoon to spend in the garage hard at work!

Steve! He had to repair the quarter-round holding the left side glass; the glass was held in with ancient brown duct tape (who knew that colored duct tape wasn't really a new invention!).
(Side Note: see that mirror in the background, over my left shoulder? I drug it home from a yard sale in high school. Mom hates it; I think she kept it because deep down, she knew that I was a junker before junking was cool!)

This is a spoiler for Miss Irene in all her finished beauty! Wow!!
*I liked this project up to YardSale Finds on Southern Hospitality. Check out the other submissions!


  1. Hi, Laura, so nice to meet you. Thanks for joining the party! That's a great piece to refurbish.

  2. Thanks Rhoda. I can't wait for her to be finished and in my house!